The purpose of the Operations Division is to assist the Executive Division in the management of finances, human resources, properties and assets of the Secretariat and the provision of general administrative support and technical services to enable the smooth conduct of the Secretariat’s operations. Two distinct services are established under Operations Division to support its core business; and these are: the Corporate Services and the Legal Services.


The key functions of the Corporate Services are contained in the following statements: 

Priority 1 : To consolidate the operational functions of the Secretariat
Priority 2 : To fulfil the governing policies of the Secretariat
Priority 3 : To improve Personnel Management and ensure staff satisfaction for better productivity


The main functions of the Legal Services are to provide legal advice and support to the Secretariat and Members on key legal and institutional issues.

The legal services also assist the Secretariat in fulfilling its corporate legal obligations to the host country.



Happy 36th Independence Celebrations to the Government and People of the Republic of Vanuatu 30 July 1980 - 30 July 2016

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