The focus of the Program is to develop and strengthen security and policing linkages amongst members and with regional and other international organizations to benefit from the experiences and the experiences/best practice principles of those organizations and strengthen internal framework arrangements.

The MSG Sub-Committee on Security is the principal meeting on MSG security issues and since 2008 about 10 Sub-Committee on Security Meetings and 4 Police Commissioners Conferences have been convened to discuss Security and Policing Issues in the region. Some of the key issues and concepts approved by the Leaders and currently under discussion include:


During the 2013 Summit, the Leaders also signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Police Cooperation which was first discussed at the 3rd Police Commissioners Conference (PCC) held on 26 November, 2012 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG). The MOA now enables members to take one step further to deepen Police cooperation amongst members. Two other Police Cooperation arrangements which are soon to be finalized for signing by Leaders include: The Agreement Establishing the Regional Police Academy (RPA) and the Framework Agreement on the MSG Formed Police Unit (FPU).


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