The FLNKS Unit is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Noumea Declaration signed by the MSG Leaders on 20 June 2013, as part of their renewed commitment to the FLNKS cause for self-determination. They further agreed to a holistic technical assistance programme for the FLNKS through the Secretariat in its proposed role as a development partner. In line with the MSG renewed support, the FLNKS Unit has received PNG funding assistance of AU$300,000 from the Government of PNG through an MOU towards the funding of the Unit programs and activities in support of the FLNKS at regional and international level. PNG funding also provides for training of young Kanaks in PNG; scholarships for Kanaks to attend educational institutions in PNG; and short-term job attachments for Kanaks in PNG’s public service and the mining industry.

In addition, the FLNKS Unit also provides regular support to the MSG Permanent Missions in New York during their annual missions to the United Nations to petition the UN Special Committee on Decolonization (C24) and when attending other UN meetings including the 4th Committee sessions. The Noumea Declaration is based on the Report of the Ministerial Mission to New Caledonia from 13-18 August 2012. The Unit is also responsible for overseeing and co-coordinating the Secretariat’s relations with the FLNKS and related activities.


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