As I write this it is already April and my word, what a start to the year! This year we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the MSG. The organization was founded on 14th March 1988 following the signing of the Agreed Principles of Cooperation between initially 3 members of the MSG – PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu here in Port Vila. Now we have five members including Fiji and the FLNKS.

To kick off celebrations, a number of launching events were organized during 26 – 28th January, 2013 here in Port Vila.

The events were officiated by the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, Honourable Sato Kilman, and attended by distinguished guests representing members. These included an inspiring Symposium that was held at the Le Lagon in Port Vila on Saturday 26th January, followed by a successful launching ceremony on Monday 28th January.The success of these launching events showcased once again the talents and remarkable cooperation among staff to present an amazing programme that is professional and exciting as any that might have been organized by specialized events managers.

And so begun a year that is shaping to be a memorable and enriching for the MSG as the celebrations continue inmember countries and Kanaky land until June when a finale’ event will be organized to coincide with the conclusion of the Leader’s Summit in June in Noumea.

The launching events were followed by similarly successful celebrations in Fiji which were held during 18 – 22 March 2013 in Suva. For those of us involved in both events, the attention engendered on MSG reinforced the excitement and joyous postures ensuing therefrom. Truly, the panel discussions, cultural shows and fashion show confer the infinite potential in Melanesia. For not only did the participation in the events boasted interest in what MSG does but as well, the welcome numbers of students, Government and private citizens that participated in the events symbolized the unity and potential of Melanesia. What Fiji did, proudly designates another standard that showcases Melanesian excellence.

In April, we hope to have the celebrations marked in Honiara and Port Moresby. These are going to be equally exciting and memorable events, continuing the already outstanding commemoration events of MSG’s 25th birthday. Vanuatu will have her turn in good time and we look forward very much to these gestures by our members to assist mark an important milestone in the history of our organization. We thank all our members, our people, Chiefs, private sector and students for their contributions to celebrating MSG’s Silver Jubilee. I pay tribute to all our senior citizens, past and present, and more particularly to our founding fathers for their vision and dedication. Finally, my profound gratitude to my amazing staff for an excellent job!

So the year has started on a high note and I hope to build on that to raise our standards of performance for the rest of the year. The support of our members has been amazing and that is an asset that we at the Secretariat wish to bring to bear as effectively as we can in the delivery of our services to our members. Come what may, as long as we continue to have the support of our members, the sky is the limit for the MSG and I am that optimistic that we will, as an organization, rise to new heights in our endeavours for a peaceful and prosperous Melanesia.

Mr. Peter Forau
Former Director General, MSG Secretariat
21 Sept 2011 - 31 December 2015